Choosing the Best Rollator For Your Needs

The Ultimate Rollator Buying Guide

If you or a loved one have limited mobility, a rollator can help you get back on your feet so you can get back to living your life. By providing extra stability while you walk, along with extra features like padded seats and carry baskets, rollators can help you gain more independence and feel secure whether you’re going out and about or trying to get around at home. 

If you’re searching for a wheeled walking aid, use our guide to learn more about what features to look for and to find something that fits your needs.

Choosing Between a Rollator and a Traditional Walker

As the name suggests, a rollator is a wheeled walking aid, while a normal walker uses either four feet or two wheels and two feet. A walker is slightly more stable, but also requires more upper body strength to lift and move the walker as you travel. 

Because rollators are fully wheeled, you don’t have to lift them to get where you want to go. Rollators usually also come with additional features, such as padded seats and storage baskets, so you can carry your belongings with you and take breaks whenever you need them.

Whlie walkers are useful for people who need maximum stability, rollators are a great option for people who can walk but just need a bit more support and for people who need to take frequent breaks while walking. 

How to Choose the Best Rollator for You

When searching for the rollator that best fits your needs, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, there are a few features that should come with all four-wheeled rollators, including padded seats, backrests, and carry baskets (note that three-wheeled rollators often don’t come with seats). Rollators might also include accessories like cup holders and folding trays. 

After you’ve found a rollator with the features you need, how do you know if it’s right for you? Your rollator should be comfortable and easy to use, and should also fit your lifestyle. To find the rollator that best fits your needs, some of the most important features to compare when picking your rollator include:


To maintain proper posture when using your walking aid, make sure you can grasp the handles of your rollator without bending over. To ensure you’ll be able to use the seat to take breaks, check that the seat is at a height where you are able to sit down and stand up without a struggle. 

To get the best fit, look for a rollator that has adjustable seat and handle heights, and check that the height range will work for you (for example: find chairs that are comfortable for you to sit down and stand up from, and measure the height to see how it compares to the rollator seat height). 

All of the rollators Because Market offers are fully height adjustable and suitable for users ranging from 4’11’’ to 6’4’’.

Width Between the Handles

The width between your rollator handles is important for making sure you can use your rollator safely. When you stand in front of the rollator, can you reach the handles without having to move your hands too far to the sides? 

Wider rollators are better for people with a larger build, but may pose unexpected challenges. For example, if your house has narrow doorways or hallways, a wider rollator might have trouble fitting, so it can be helpful to compare the overall width of the rollator with the spaces where you plan to use it.

Wheel Size

Many people don’t just use their rollators at home; if you’re on the go you’ll want wheels that can handle the cracks and uneven terrain of lawns and sidewalks. In general, the larger the wheels, the smoother your walk will be and the less chance of getting stuck on bumpy ground or in cracks in the sidewalk.

Weight Capacity

Rollators are designed for sitting and leaning on, so it’s important to find a rollator that can reliably hold your weight. The weight capacity for the average rollator is between 200 and 300 pounds, whereas heavy-duty and bariatric rollators can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. 

Handle Brakes

Your rollator should always have handle bakes to ensure you can stop safely. All of the rollators sold by Because Market have loop handle brakes that are easy to use and can be locked in place when you want to turn your rollator into a seat.

Rollator Weight

Rollators are heavier than walkers–the average rollator weighs around 15 pounds, while walkers are usually only 4–5 pounds. Even though you don’t need to lift your rollator while walking, you and your caregivers might still need to lift it into and out of a car or into and out of the house, so weight can be an important factor in choosing a rollator. 

Lighter rollators are easier to carry but often have a lower weight capacity, while heavier rollators are more stable but might be more difficult to maneuver.


A folding rollator is easier to carry and to fit into vehicles, so if you plan to use your rollator on the go consider a collapsible rollator for easier transportation. All of the rollators at Because Market are foldable for ease of travel.


You will be using your rollator a lot, so try to pick something you’ll enjoy using! Rollators today are more stylish than ever, and with many different colors and design options to choose from, you can find something that both fits your needs and that you won’t mind taking out of the house when you’re running errands or meeting up with friends. 

Comparing Rollators from Because Market

With these features in mind, we’ve created a product comparison chart to help you find the rollator that best suits your needs. We’ve curated some of the best rollators available and make your choice a little less overwhelming. 

Note that all of the rollators Because Market carries are height adjustable and foldable, letting you customize your experience and bring them along wherever you go. 

Comparison table of each rollator described in the article


Pink Zebra Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker

Best For: Portability

Our lightest rollator at only 11 pounds, the Pink Zebra Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker folds flat and even has a carry strap to make transportation even easier. It also includes a makeup mirror and foldable cup holder. The 6-inch wheels are good for a variety of terrain and the eye-catching pink and zebra stripe coloring make it anything but boring. 

Like all of our rollators, the handle and seat heights can be adjusted using easy-to-use knobs. The seat can be adjusted from 18 to 23 inches, and the handles can be adjusted from 29 to 36 inches. The Pink Zebra rollator has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. 

White Aluminum Premium Folding Rollator Walker

Best For: Frequent Use

The White Aluminum Premium Folding Rollator Walker includes all the features of the Blue Aluminum Premium rollator, with the addition of Microban technology to prevent bacteria growth on the handles and seat. This technology helps to prevent odors, making it a great option for people who use their walker frequently but still want it to feel clean and fresh.

This rollator is also fully height adjustable; the seat height ranges from 20 to 25 inches and the handle height can be adjusted from 31 to 37 inches. The maximum weight capacity of the white aluminum rollator walker is 300 pounds.

Black Steel Folding Rollator Walker

Best For: Affordability

For people on a budget who still want a reliable and comfortable rollator, the Black Steel Folding Rollator Walker is a great option. With a price of $89.99, it’s the least expensive option on this list and still has all the features you want for a smooth ride, like 8-inch wheels and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. 

This rollator has a padded seat that can be adjusted from 18 inches to 23 inches and handles that can be adjusted from 29 to 36 inches.

Red Steel Heavy Duty Folding Rollator Walker

Best For: Heavier Builds

If you have a heavier build, the Red Steel Heavy Duty Folding Rollator Walker has you covered; it has a 500 pound weight capacity and a wider distance between the handles (23.5 inches compared to the usual 17.5 inches) to accommodate larger users. Like the other rollators mentioned here, it’s foldable, includes a hanging storage pouch, a memory foam padded seat, and has loop handle brakes. This heavy duty rollator also has 8-inch wheels for a smooth ride. 

The seat height of the heavy duty rollator is 22 inches, and the handles can be adjusted from 31.5 to 37.5 inches. 


Blue Aluminum Deluxe Folding Rollator Walker

Best For: Luxury Design

The Blue Aluminum Deluxe Folding Rollator Walker combines form and function to create a stylish silhouette that still packs in all the features of a more standard-looking rollator. This rollator has a padded memory-foam seat, a carry bag and backrest, 8-inch wheels, loop handle brakes, and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is heavier than the average rollator at 21.5 pounds, making it more stable. 

The overall width of the Deluxe Folding Rollator is 25 inches, and the handles can be easily adjusted to a height of 32 to 36 inches.

Rollators: Helping You Gain Independence

When you have lower mobility, it can be a challenge to keep doing all the things you want to do. Rollators can help you stay active and gain more independence in your daily life by providing support and security when you walk, helping to prevent falls, and by giving you a reliable place to rest when you need it. 

An investment in your independence is an investment in your well-being. Being more mobile can boost your self-esteem and your quality of life by giving you the chance to take control of your daily activities. 

You can shop our assortment of rollators and other mobility aids at Because Market to start taking more control over your own mobility today.

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