We started Because with a simple idea

We wanted a better way to serve and support our families.

“We are the sons and daughters, caretakers, and friends who are willing drive all over town to ensure the people we love have everything they need.”

To our community:

We created this company to make it easier for our families to get the things they needed most. After dozens of trips to supermarkets and drugstores on behalf of our loved ones, we know there had to be a better way.

It started with family - honest conversations, open minds, and a desire to make things better for everyone like us. The more people we spoke with, the more we realized the impact we could have in giving people the confidence to leave their homes.

Every day, we are humbled by the openness of our community to help us make this company even better. From video reviews to sample testing and website tweaks to product suggestions - our members have made it possible for us to grow our mission to serve hundreds of thousands of people.

Whether it’s Nana, Nonna, or Nani - we thank you for your wisdom and willingness to help us grow, and we can’t wait to serve you. Every day we are devoted to doing more and doing better, Because our members are our family.


The Because Family

We’re on a mission to be the #1 brand for older adults.

Do you know that bladder leaks affect 25 million people in the US (and half of women over 50)? Chances are that either you’re facing it, or you know someone that deals with it. The right bladder protection products can be life changing, and finding and shopping for them should be easy and seamless. But, no one is really talking about it which usually means nobody is helping. We want to change that.

We’ve designed our bladder protection products to be 25% more absorbent than leading competitors - when you’re managing bladder leaks, we know that’s important!

We’re committed to quality products, honestly priced, conveniently and discreetly delivered to your door. We’re proud of our curated assortment of bladder protection, skincare, wellness, and hemp products and can’t wait for you to experience the quality for yourself. If you have any feedback, get in touch, our team is here to help.

Meet Alexi & Luca.

Our founders, Alexi and Luca, started Because after dozens of trips to the drugstores on behalf of their loved ones (usually, turning up empty). Instead, they wanted high-quality products that just worked, delivered right to their family. They’ve completely devoted themselves to building this business, bringing together their tech and business backgrounds with their love of their grandparents.

Say hello to our partners

Because is proud to partner with community organizations and initiatives across the US. Together we can create lasting impact and improve the lives and lifestyles of millions of people.